That time when I saw the guy who hit on me on TV….

Hi all, it is apparently the one-year anniversary of my blog today! Hooray!

So, a quick story for you. I went to one of my favorite Denver music scene events this summer, the Underground Music Showcase or UMS. It is basically a magical time where all my favorite Denver bands and cool national acts that I generally haven’t heard of come play for 4 days and it’s awesome. It also makes me feel cool/hipster/something because I have been going to the UMS for at least 5 or 6 years and now it is this big thing but it used to be only two days and no one used to know about it and I knew about it before all the less cool people! You must understand that I am actually not a cool person so this type of credibility is big for me. Not really, actually no one probably cares.

Whatever, the point is, I was at the first day of my most favoritest summer activity and my friend and I are waiting to go into a show and this guy starts hitting on me. Yes, I do occasionally meet men in person like people did in the olden times. He seems nice and compliments me and talks to me like a normal person. He tells me that he lives in Baker, the neighborhood where the UMS takes place, and comes every year, etc. He tells me he has his own podcast classic rock radio show. He is also clearly at least 45, which isn’t necessarily bad, but is on the upper end of my age range. He tells me that he just got back from filming a commercial. He is trying to impress me, I guess. Whatever, we talk, I act vaguely interested, but honestly I am just sort of trying to have a fun weekend and enjoy awesome music and nothing much happens because I am not at the UMS to pick up 45-year-old dudes. My friends and I run into this guy several other times throughout the UMS weekend, and he always talks to me and flirts with me and “hollas” at me in the street, but never manages to get my number or anything else.

During the course of the festival, I also get recognized in the street by some girl who has seen me sing karaoke at SoBo 151 and run into various people I know so my friends start joking about how I am becoming “Denver famous.” Denver famous is a status which is basically a miniature version of real fame, sort of like internet famous but involving less actual volume of people knowing who you are. However, you can still get recognized on the street (in Denver only) if you are Denver famous. Examples of Denver famous people include: any member of the Grawlix, Jake Jabs, Blinky the Clown, Kathy Sabine, Hazel Miller, Matt Selby, any member of the Flobots, Nathaniel Rateliff, DJ Rockstar Aaron… Let’s be real, I’m not even on that level! However, I think this is funny, and am possibly a vain person (remember, not a cool kid in high school, so maybe that makes it ok?) so I tell this story to another dear friend of mine one night at the bar.

Literally right after I tell the tale of the UMS and the people recognizing me and the guy with the commercial and radio show and what have you, I see, on the very large TV screen at the bar, a close up shot of the face of the UMS 45-year-old who was hitting on me! I exclaim to my friend to look, that’s the guy! He was for real about being in a commercial! I was hoping to find a clip of that commercial (it was for Go Auto or Groove Auto or something like that, apparently both of those are real things) on youtube for your viewing pleasure, but I can’t find it anywhere on the interwebs. But I’m pretty sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Just think, if I had played it better, I could have been the trophy wife of a dude who is in one commercial! That would have really upped my level of Denver fame.


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